Oct 24, 2017 - Amdahl’s law and changes in critical path

Augmentation of hardware and software resources is a classic technique that is often adopted by IT teams to improve the performance of applications. However, it is commonly observed that, contrary to expectations, the increase in the computing resources does not necessarily lead to improvement in the performance, as expected. This situation presents unique challenges to the IT teams as they grapple to analyze the reason for the inefficacy of the technique in improving performance.

Dec 27, 2015 - Building on quicksand

##For the want of reliability This post is inspired by a paper of the same name by Pat Helland. The basic idea is: build a reliable system from unreliable components. In this blog post I’ve attempted to add some of my thinking on this subject apart from what is covered in the original paper. You will be surprised to find that reliability decisions which in turn impact availability have a major impact on system design. Sometimes the connection is visible sometimes it is not.

Aug 12, 2015 - Art of Disorderly Programming

##Do we have to decide is it chicken or egg? Why can’t we let them come in any order and decide the outcome as cumulative effect of two events? Well I’ve stretched the analogy quite a bit. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it can be achieved?
Often we tend to reason in terms of temporal order of events and get fixated on the order than the eventual result. In a non distributed, ensuring temporal order ensured correct eventual result. However in distributed systems temporal order is very hard to enforce and as a result ensuring correct result becomes a challenge. In my current project, there was a scenario which lent itself to similar treatment. This blog is my thoughts on the subject and hopefully it will help you to gather some interesting thoughts.